I have been using Classic Craft Dental Lab’s services for many years (5+ years) and could not help but brag about them for the quality of their work. Even though I may have the needed skills to execute a treatment plan to perfection, the other important piece of the equation is my dental lab. Their ability to deliver flawless restorations impacts my overall results. Ttime and time again over the years, this lab has given me the support I needed from routine crown/bridge restorations to denture not to mention implant restorations.

John Beasley is my main contact and “go to person” when it comes to implant restorations and implant supported overdenture fabrications. My recent 3 unit implant restoration was no different: my instructions were followed exactly as I hoped, color match was perfect and the fit was spot on (as no adjustments were required): any implant restorative dentist would understand why I would consider Classic Craft Dental Lab be be an asset to my practice. They enhance my work and make my “life” easier chairside, invariably giving me a piece of mind on insertion date.

Considering the experience I have had over the years with Classic Craft Dental Lab, I strongly support and recommend them without reservations and I am willing to verbally share such experience with any Docs on the fence.