The demand for flexible partials continues to increase as an alternative for fixed restorations or full dentures. Many people consider a Valplast flexible partial to be the most comfortable option for their final restoration. These restorations are more affordable than fixed restorations and flexible partials move naturally, giving your patient confidence in their smile and ease of movement while talking and eating. Partials can restore functionality and change a patient’s way of life. Classic Craft offers a variety of partials for all your needs. Options include acrylic, Valplast, cast metal, and Hybrid (cast metal w/ flex clasps).


      • Aesthetic clasp
      • Metal framework on the lingual for stability
      • Teeth set in acrylic saddles for future additions


        • Comfortable and light
        • Aesthetic – no metal show through
        • Longevity – very durable


          • All frameworks are Ni & Be free
          • Metal framework on the lingual for stability
          • Teeth can be added
          • Acrylic saddles(s)
          • Very durable

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