clear aligners

what to expect

Now more than ever, patients are asking for a clear aligner solution. With these aligners you can expect:. 

• Reliable customer service and support for every case from file upload to aligner delivery.
• Average refinement rate of 5% and up to 20% fewer aligner stages results in an ideal treatment plan.
• Intuitive software that is easy for experienced and new staff to navigate.
• Made in the USA with premium thermoformed materials.

• Three options: Xpress (12 Clear Aligners), Limited (24 Clear Aligners), or Unlimited (25+ Clear Aligners) with complimentary retainer included in all cases.


In our SmileDesign Studio, we utilize real-time automatic adjustments and comprehensive tooth-movement algorithms to produce ultimate treatment outcomes. The intuitive user interface keeps control in your hands and offers the flexibility to fully customize every patient’s case based on your treatment preferences. Attachments, interproximal reduction (IPR), final archform shape, and tooth movement and rotation speed can all be tailored to fit your standards.

Click on the link to create an account. Download our step by step guide to the right. 


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