“Partners in dentistry for well over 10 years, Classic Craft does superior work at a great price. Their zirlife crowns are the best in the business, with fewer adjustments and re-makes than I have experienced in my 25 years in practice. Partials and dentures are awesome as well. It’s a pleasure to call and speak with John or Chris who are so knowledgeable and helpful. Using Classic Craft is by far one of the best decisions I have made in making dentistry as effortless and satisfying as it can be, and that’s saying A LOT. As a solo practitioner in a busy office, having these guys on my team makes life better. Dentistry is hard, Classic craft makes it easier.”

Regina Hendrix

“My office has been using Classic Craft Dental Lab for over 10 years. We are extremely pleased with all of their crowns, partials, and dentures. Classic Craft has superior customer service. Our local rep Shane has been very helpful in assisting us in our all of our laboratory needs. Highly recommended!”

James Kennedy, DDS

“Wonderful lab. We have used them for almost 4 years and have always been happy with their work. Thank you!”

Brian Karriker

“Our rep Matt Menefee went above and beyond! When the delivery of a crown was delayed a week, he personally went to the mail center to retrieve our case. Because of his customer service, we will be using Classic Craft more often”

Wendy Song

“Our office loves classic craft. The customer service is amazing and the product looks great!! If there is an issue with color, shape, or anything at all it is quickly resolved. We are proud to have classic craft as our main lab.”

Ryan Friedrich

“I have been using Classic Craft Dental Lab’s services for many years (5+ years) and could not help but brag about them for the quality of their work. Even though I may have the needed skills to execute a treatment plan to perfection, the other important piece of the equation is my dental lab. Their ability to deliver flawless restorations impacts my overall results. Ttime and time again over the years, this lab has given me the support I needed from routine crown/bridge restorations to denture not to mention implant restorations.

John Beasley is my main contact and “go to person” when it comes to implant restorations and implant supported overdenture fabrications. My recent 3 unit implant restoration was no different: my instructions were followed exactly as I hoped, color match was perfect and the fit was spot on (as no adjustments were required): any implant restorative dentist would understand why I would consider Classic Craft Dental Lab be be an asset to my practice. They enhance my work and make my “life” easier chairside, invariably giving me a piece of mind on insertion date.

Considering the experience I have had over the years with Classic Craft Dental Lab, I strongly support and recommend them without reservations and I am willing to verbally share such experience with any Docs on the fence.”

Dr. Helios Houenou

Optima Dental, PC

“Reliable Lab. Excellent Service and customer support. The team is incredibly knowledgeable with complex cases. Privately owned lab with owners that are actively involved and easy to talk to. Highly recommend. I’ve been with them almost five years now!

Matthew Giunta

“Our dental office is so happy to be working with Classic Craft Dental Lab. They have GREAT customer service and are always there to help. We especially love the monthly status report we receive from Sloan, it pushes us to work harder and meet higher goals each month. Thanks for being so great Classic Craft!!

Jeanette Wagner

“Been using classic craft for everything including cosmetic work. The work is consistent, quality and timely. Im happy to have them and our local rep Sloan is an amazing resource. Highly recommend.

Blue Sky Dental Group

“I’ve been using Classic for a little over a year now. I can say consistently that the crowns look great, fit well, with minimal adjustments, at a good price. I’ve been very happy with the work thus far and look forward to continuing to use them.

Derek Chenet

“After numerous frustrations with local laboratories, I began using Classic Craft for just my challenging removable cases. They consistently provide me with an amazing results! To reduce my daily stress, I have since shifted to using them for ALL removable cases. The fit of their cast metal partials with Valplast clasps are incredible and comfort is great for patients. The immediate dentures fit like a glove. Their final full dentures come finished and polished so well, there is nothing for me to do except place them in my patient’s mouth and remind them they will eventually need to remove them at night time. John Beasley and the rest of the team are great to work with and provide wonderful open communication to make cases go very smoothly. I can’t thank them enough.

PM Panchal

“Excellent cast partials and full dentures! And rep Sloan is great to work with.


“I have used John Beasley and Chris Witherington at Classic Craft since they started the business about 10 years ago. I simply cannot imagine practicing without a state of the art full service lab on my speed dial. Together we have done amazingly complex and sensationally beautiful cases that have enriched my patients life and sustained my enthusiasm and satisfaction with dentistry as a career. If you don’t currently have this relationship with a quality lab, but enjoy dentistry and want to “up your game”, I urge you to use them and grow into the sophisticated practice you have dreamed of..

Google User

“Finding the perfect partner for your dental lab needs is one of the most important relationships a dental team can achieve. I can honestly say, without reservation, my team has found that relationship in classic craft dental lab. The owners, John and Chris, are very knowledgeable, communicate well, and are great leaders for their team members. I have been a client for well over 10 years and have always found their work to be prompt, accurate, and beautiful. If you are a dentist or dental team member who are looking for new partners in your lab relationship, I would look no further than this great team. I would give them 6 stars, but the only option was five.

Matthew Allen

Godley Station Dental

“They do beautiful work and all of my cases have been seamless. My zirconia crowns have sat perfectly and required very little adjustment. They have been a pleasure to work with and all of my cases have come back ahead of schedule. They are always easy to reach and very knowledgeable in their craft. I have started sending them all of my crown and bridge cases and plan to continue for the foreseeable future!

Daniel Carver

“I have been using Classic Craft Lab for all my lab work for 6 or 7 years. I rely on their partnership, commitment to service, and excellent quality every day. Quality is paramount in my choice of labs and their team really delivers. From implant supported prosthetics, to complete dentures, to precision attachments, to routine zirconia crowns, the fit and attention to esthetics never fails to impress even the most discerning of our patients. 
Fees are reasonable and lower than most labs that advertise price. But the whole story is that there are no compromises with Classic Craft. I guess you can tell I’m an unabashed fan. Why else would I write a review? They make me look good every day! 

Larry Schmitz, DDS

Savannah, GA

“We are so thankful for Classic Craft and the partnership we have with them to provide outstanding dental work for our patients. From crowns, implant restorations, bridges, removable and guards- no matter what we receive from Classic Craft we know it is the best quality and beautiful. They stand behind their work and are always a phone call or consult away. Thank you John, Chris and your entire team for the fantastic services. Looking forward to many more years working together!

Heather Duffy

“A Great Big ThankYou to y’all. For going way out of your way on replacing my broke denture yesterday. You guys are awesome!

Rich Weaver

“Great Dental lab couldn’t imagine using another Lab. Keep up the great work!! Dental crowns and dentures are beautiful

Off Island Dental Care

“One of the things that makes Classic craft dental lab such a success is it’s ability to care about the work, the doctors it’s partnered with and the patients it serves but also it’s employees. We have a standard of excellence and it all starts with a great staff and an enjoyable work environment. Thank you for allowing me to join your team and facilitate opportunities for me to reach my potential and encourage me to pursue my goals.

Trevor Gottfredson

“Our rep Matthew is great! Anytime I have an issue, he is “Johnny on the spot” they stand behind their work, and it is great quality. You can email the lab with pictures, and let them know what you are trying to accomplish; and they will let you know what they suggest. We use this lab for all our prosthetics, and they have a great turn around time.

Danielle Wallace

“Customer service is hands down the best!!! Their punctuality and quality of work is excellent, and if for any reason you’re not satisfied with the product it’s as easy as a phone call. Have been using this lab for over 3 years and happy that we made the change to them.

Manager Dental Health and Beauty

“I have been using Classic Craft for the past few years and they do an amazing job with easy seats. Top of the line customer service and Sloan keeps in contact periodically just to make sure I have no issues. Highly recommended to all prosthetic driven dentists!

Leonid Blinn, DMD

“Stumbled on this lab by acccident. My rep, Matthew, made a cold call just about the time I was looking for a new lab. I looked over their info and gave them a shot. I have been using them since. Quality is excellent. Most cases require little to no adjustment. They have been really good about standing behind their work and making sure I am happy with what I receive. No regrets about using this lab.

Chad M

“Jerome is our Classic Craft representative and he is one of the best. He is constantly checking on us and lab cases. Classic Craft always informs us of when our cases have arrived at their lab, with expected delivery date and when the case ship to insure we know that the case is on its way with no surprises. Great lab to use!

Dr. Ken Johnson

“We have used this lab since the beginning of our office. We have always had great communication and completed cases from Classic Craft. We are very pleased with them and will continue to use them. 🙂

Wando Family Dentistry

“Dr. Mierloi and staff love Classic Craft. Sloan is our rep and we can always count on him. Their lab is so reliable and easy to work with. We always know when our cases will be arriving. Even with our most problematic cases they always help us come up with a solution. By chance we decided to give their lab a try after Sloan came by and introduced himself. Needless to say we have used their lab ever since!

Rachel Alsobrook

“I have been using Classic Craft for 2 years now and have been impressed with the fit and finish of their restorations. More importantly, when I have a problem, which we all do at some point with a restoration, I have either my rep (Sloan Harty) or Adam Smith to call and discuss the situation with. They are always wanting to help find a solution to the problem and we work together to get it accomplished. Their occlusal guards fit better than any I have ever tried and their in house temporary flippers look great. SO they can do more than just crowns, bridges, and implants well!

Jordan Harper

“Thank you so much George for all your help and always having the right answers for us. We have been very happy with the customer service, quality of their crowns, and efforts to make sure we have everything we need.

Bohannan Dentistry

“It is an honour to be a part of this team and serve our dentists and patients.

Kim Giedd

“Great lab to work with!

Christina McNeely

“Great, dependable lab! All our crowns have fit great, little to no adjustments.

Kris Hungler

“Quality work and excellent attention to customer service.

Lucy Wessinger

“Quality work and easy to work with.

Reed Williamson

“We’ve been using this lab for over 3 years now and have been very pleased. Cases are delivered on time and the workmanship has been excellent.

Charae Timmerman

“I have been working with this lab now for over 5 years now and am extremely happy with the consistency and quality of their work. It’s so nice to have a lab that constantly delivers crowns with minimal adjustments, beautiful anatomy, and even a lifetime warranty. They have good communication systems and my rep, Sloan, always touches base to make sure everything is going smoothly. Thanks for all you do!

Ryan Osorio

“This lab does quality work and excellent customer service. All of my crowns have fit great with no issue. I highly recommend this lab to prosthodontists and general dentists.

Paivi Samant

“Excellent work – I just do night guards and space maintainers through them but even though I am out of state I have received timely and accurate work with minimal adjustments. Highly recommend even to the out-of-staters.

Kim Power


Tristan Dowell

“Quality dental work and a team that goes above and beyond to make sure you are satisfied

Stephanie Diane Barnes

“I think J Beasley and everyone at Classic Craft are awesome!!! Always make themselves available to answer questions and help us out. Couldn’t do it without them.

Kandi Apple-Tripp

“Our office has been using this lab for our crown, bridge, custom abutments, implant crowns and we have found their work to be incredible and consistent. We have been using them for several years now and couldn’t be happier. The fit of the prosthesis and aesthetics are always on point. A lot of the units we seat don’t need any adjustments at all and if any adjustments are needed they are very minimal. We plan on using Classic for many more years!! The customer service is always personal and if there are any issues with a case they make sure it gets resolved immediately. We highly recommend Classic Craft Dental Lab.

Wesley Cowan

“Count on Classic Craft! We haven’t found a better fitting crown. Predictable turn around time and needless to say the friendliest staff! As an assistant for Dr. Jacques, I’ve packaged and boxed up thousands of crowns to be sent out and this is by far is the best lab to use. Thanks Classic Craft!

Dr. Jacques

“Our office loves classic craft. The customer service is amazing and the product looks great!! If there is an issue with color, shape, or anything at all it is quickly resolved. We are proud to have classic craft as our main lab.

Ryan Friedrich

“I love working with Classic Craft Dental Lab! They do an excellent job by aiding me in providing quality crowns and prosthetics to my patients at Joyner Family Dentistry. They always check with me to make sure the outcomes of my cases are optimal.

Samuel Joyner

Joyner Family Dentistry

“The magic moment when zero adjustment is needed to seat a crown happens regularly in our office now. Communication is outstanding, especially with larger cases and challenging restorative situations. First rate customer service and professionalism; I can’t recommend them highly enough.

Laura Collatz, DDS

“Love this lab. Use it for crown and bridge work. They do excellent job and do remakes at no charge without any fuss if ever needed. Have recommended it to other dentist.

sandeep Kumar

“Great dental lab. Virtually no remakes and minimal adjustments. Very responsive to our needs. If we see an issue, our customer service rep Sloan addresses it immediately. Many Thanks

Peter Masterson

“I have been using them for years now, very responsive. very good work. They do everything great but especially love their Implant abuments/crown and occlusal guards.

Chris Powell

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