Snore Appliances


The two-piece dreamTAP appliance is fully adjustable on a horizontal plane, providing dentists with the ability to locate the ideal mandibular position for their patient. This custom appliance is fabricated with separate upper and lower trays. The component utilizes an adjustable screw and hook which interfaces with a socket or bar to hold the mandible in the desired position. The dreamTAP appliance is over 90% successful as an effective portable treatment for mild to moderate sleep apnea.


    The EMA (Elastic Mandibular Advancement) appliance is the smallest of our sleep appliances. This appliance opens the bite of your patient while advancing the mandible to increase the airway. The individual trays are constructed of 2mm vacuum form material and are joined with straps of varying lengths and flexibility. These straps provide lateral movement and comfort as well as dictate the amount of mandibular advancement. The straps are positioned between the teeth and cheek, leaving the palate free from obstruction. Your patient can talk and drink water while wearing the EMA. It is free of metals and the elastic straps can easily be changed at the patient’s convenience.

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