Downloadable Forms

Prescription Form (880 Kb Adobe Acrobat PDF)
Credit Card Authorization (52 Kb Adobe Acrobat PDF)
Full Prep Guide (840 Kb Adobe Acrobat PDF)

Shipping Instructions

Classic Craft pays for the shipping to and from your office using FedEx Air service.

2) Complete the prescription form

3) Place the impression, bites, wrapped models, and prescription in a sanitary bag.

4) Place the sanitary bag in a Classic Craft box.  More than 1 case may be placed in a single box.

5) Secure the box with tape.  Multiple boxes may be taped together.  Please only use 1 airbill per day.

6) Attach Classic Craft’s pre-printed FedEx airbill on the box.  If you need more pre-printed airbills, please call Classic Craft at 1-877-55CRAFT.

7) Call FedEx for a pick up at 1-800-GO FEDEX or click here.